Use of Media Influence

I think we could all agree that the media has great influence in the decisions we make (admit it, we are always on our phones). From something trivial like what to eat to something of more substance like our political views. So, why not use the power of the media for something good? Something that could make us all better people.

If I asked you to name a soda, I’d dare say that 90% of you would think of Coca-cola, or Coke as most of us call it. I’m not sure if you guys already know this but they are big on encouraging people to choose happiness, love and kindness. The “Choose Happiness” campaign was one of them.

This week-long campaign, held in 2015, featured YouTube sensations to help spread positive vibes thru their videos. The entire list of videos can be found here.

It warms my heart seeing big corporations like Coca-cola taking out a bit of time to use their influence to spread messages like this. With so much war, hate-crimes and entitlement in this world, we sometimes forget what it’s like to care for one another or just do something nice for someone once in awhile. And I think it’s great how Coca-cola incorporates the media into their campaigns to remind us of this.

Take this video for example:

The idea of ‘Paying It Forward’ has always resonated with me. I have always believed that whatever you put out in the world will come back to you. And this video accurately shows us how that happens.

I don’t know about you, but thanks to these videos I feel incredibly inspired to go out there and spread some positive vibes. I’m not quite sure what yet but maybe a smile or asking about someones’ day would suffice. For now at least.

Let me know what you guys think! And if like me you LOVE watching videos like these here are a couple more to lift your spirits! These are my personal favourites 🙂

  1. #CokeDrones
  2. #WishUponACoke
  3. Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Have a fab week everyone and I hope you guys smiled at least once during this post!